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The Caen Stone on the Church is now erroded, we need to raise over £100,000 to keep this historic building in good shape


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Sunday School

Sunday School starts at half past nine in the Preston Schoolroom in the churchyard, and we come to join the rest of the congregation soon after ten o’clock. In this time we work on themes related to the readings for that Sunday taken from a three year cycle of lesson plans that follow the theme of each Sunday for each group. The children are organised into two separate groups with relevant activities for different age groups. Children who are too young to benefit from Sunday School are still welcome to come out with a parent, to draw, hear stories and be with the other children, if their parents prefer to do that rather than to have them in church for the whole service. Listening to Bible stories, lots of artwork, some drama, writing prayers, talking about current events, learning to use a Bible and thinking about how we treat other people are all explored in various ways appropriate to each group.


The older Sunday School group become ‘The Preston Puppeteers’ on the fourth Sunday of every month, planning and rehearsing puppet shows for family services, church fetes and other special events. Some of our previous production scripts are available as word documents on the downloads page of this website. Sunday School runs except when there is a family service – for Harvest, Mothering Sunday and Easter Sunday.


We have a policy of admitting regularly attending, baptised children to Holy Communion. The children involved followed an additional short course of teaching outside of Sunday School. This does not replace confirmation, which will still take place at a later age. Those who receive Holy Communion are also being offered the chance to act as servers at some services.

For babies and toddlers there is a children’s corner by the entrance to the church, which is carpeted, with books, toys and a low table available for children. Everybody at St. Catherine’s realises that small children will make some noise, but it is much easier to take them to a service where there is a dedicated space with toys etc for them to play with, and other children to help keep them occupied.


All children are welcome at church events, and please feel free to ask for further details about any of this that is of interest to you.


For more infomation contact Fiona Hamer at

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